I’m writing this at 2:10 am on Saturday morning. I just got home from a preview screening of “Minority Report”. I’m not that big a fan of Spielbergs. He is too much up and down, great movies like “Schindler’s List” and then rock bottom movies like “Hook”. Same goes for Tom Crooze. And I had read a couple of reviews, most critics didn’t like. But what do they know – it rocked! One of Spielbergs greatest movies, right up there with “E.T” and “Schindler’s List”. It made one think in so many levels, and a future society I’m not sure I’d be willing to be apart of. And of course, our swedish actor Peter Stormare who actually got to speak swedish and his assistant sang the swedish folk song about the small frogs – unbelievable! 🙂

One thing I liked was that Spielberg is going a little ‘DePalma’ with shooting sequences way more complicated than they need to be. Like the one whith the spiders crawling and you see everything from above in a cut-out sort of way – so inspired from “Snake Eyes”, and really nicely done. But what was down right beautifully filmed was the scene when Tom hugs the girl in the lobby and he’s facing one way and she the other while they have a conversation… that was just beautifully filmed and the lighting was excellent!!
You should definitely go and see it! Credit goes to swedish Fox for fixing the preview. And I usually don’t like Fox for all the trouble they’re giving us at NP.com!

Btw, if you’re in Stockholm you should check out the sci-fi congress in Kulturhuset. I’m gonna be in the panel of experts for two sessions, one on Saturday at 13:00 (“100 Years of Sci-fi”) then one on Sunday at 12:00 (“Sci-fi Wars”).


Ok, everybody grab onto something because what I’m about to admit will send shockwaves all over the world : I saw the video to the Spears cover of “I Love Rock and Roll”. And liked it. Seriously, the video was OK. Although it was zooming in on her belly abit much, it was still a step in the right direction! And she definitely knew how to mount that bike 🙂 The song I still have a problem with though. They’ve toned down the volume to the music too much. In the original you could feel the drumbeats and feel the guitar ripping away. But in this you can barely hear it. So music-wise I still prefer the original, but video-wise the new is better. Which is the point I’ve been making all along – music is getting worse and worse because they are going further and further away from making good music to putting on a good show.


Do you know what we’ve never seen? James Bond having problems parking his car or getting a ticket! Seriously, I was driving out to a customer to install an internet router, and my biggest worry was where to park the car. That’s when it hit me that we’ve never seen James Bond have that kind of trouble. I’ve never seen him pay for parking or anything! And that proves just how much I think about the little practical things that become big problems if I hadn’t been one step ahead.


You must be thinking “you are one lazy dude, only updating twice during a 8 day vacation!”. Not true! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much to do during a vacation as I did last week! The time just flew past me like Marilyn Manson from a Britney Spears concert! And every little minute of free time I could find went into studying for my Novell 5.1 Administration certification exam I had this morning. So I hardly feel relaxed and re-energized after this vacation. But I only have myself to blame I guess.

And speaking of Britney Spears – I heard she “loves rock’n’roll”. Then why is she in the pop-genre? The difference is huge, and I don’t think she’d cut it in rock’n’roll. Although that song may be one of her best ones. Too bad it’s a cover.

Oh yeah, I passed that test by the way. So what does that mean? It means that I have a paper that says “this guy passed a test so he should kinda know Novell Netware 5.1”. I don’t know any more, or less, about Novell than I did two weeks ago though.


Last saturday we had a little party here at my parents house. They’re away for a week and I’m in charge, so naturally there’ll be a party! Anyway, it was going to be a normal BBQ with the usual crew (AC, her hubby Paul and my “brother” Jocke) but on this special occasion, two women I’ve known since I was five came – Lina and Helena. Lina I’ve seen and talked to a little now and then, but Helena have been living a little all over so I haven’t really talked to her for over 10 years (not counting the occasional “hello”s). And it was good catching up a little with her.

See, I live my life after my own set of “Rules of Conduct” to ensure that if I’d die, noone will have anything bad to say about me. And I can count the people who may have something bad to say about me on one hand. And now there is one less! Because the last time we “talked” it was during my teens when I had done some really stupid things, so I’ve always felt that when we lost contact it was on a bad note. But now I think I’m redeemed.

And on a very, very happy note – Helena’s boyfriend (yeap, all good ones are still taken) name is Timothy, but called Tim or… TIMMYYYY!… and I started laughing when I heard her say that and I had to explain that I’m a South Park-fan and that’s why TIMMYYY is pretty funny, and guess what she counters with? She was one of the dancers performing the “BLAME CANADA!” number during the 2000 Oscars! DUDE!


Eminem is also one of those artists who’s music I don’t like and who’s opinions I don’t agree with, but still have respect for because how he’s doing his thing no matter what anybody says. He also shares my dislike for the product named Britney Spears.

But then he goes and gay-bashed MOBY!?

Moby, you can get stomped by Obie, you 36 year old bald headed fag, blow me. You don’t know me, you’re too old, let go, its over, nobody listens to techno.

I don’t know for a fact Moby isn’t gay (although he did make out with Natalie Portman so I guess not). And Moby makes great music and preaches “peace, love and understanding” (he kinda proved that with his response in own journal) so what’s Eminem’s problem? So now I don’t like his music, his opinions or him.


So yesterday I re-discovered what may very well have been the best musical duo ever – Bill Drummond and Jimi Cauty, aka “Kopyright Liberation Front”. Most known as the KLF, or JAMS. Actually they have alot of aka’s. Back in the early 90’s they were extremely popular and I loved them, but the other day I heard “3 am Eternal” again and it’s still damn good. So I downloaded all the good old songs (love it when Whitney Houston joins the JAMS!). They pretty much invented illegal sampling/ripping 🙂

Their music is still pretty awesome, very creative videos as well, and the only thing I have against them is the fact that they don’t make any new music and haven’t since May 5th ’92 and won’t release any more “until peace reigned around the world”. Great goal ofcourse, but they made too good music just to quit like that 🙁


Did you see the MTV Movie Awards? Natalie was presenting an award so more or less had to see it. This is one of the few award shows I still have a little bit of respect for! Anyway, Seann William Scott won an award (for best kiss with Jason Biggs… don’t ask!), and in his acceptance speech he said something like “five years ago, I was working in a zoo, now look at me!”.

And that got me thinking – just how much in life is left to chance. Everything from having the good parents, the right genetic makeup/DNA, sibblings, teachers in school, job oppurtunities, meeting the right one and to not be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just how much of that can you actually control yourself? Not a lot….


So it turns out it was coincidence after all, cause she’s getting married in the near future. Good for her! And I really mean that. And as far as the guy goes… I can’t tell you how many sunday mornings that guy has been responsible for waking me up 🙂


So yesterday was my birthday. And I didn’t really enjoy it because I found another “signs that you’re getting old” – hangovers! They’re getting worse and worse! I remember when hangovers only last a couple of hours and took a gallon of water to cure. No more, I was feeling terrible all day yesterday. Which wasn’t nice since we had a nice bbq planned with my family and stuff, I wasn’t too… happy 🙁 But always look on the bright side – saturday evening was hilarious.

And do you remember that radio-chick I was talking about a year back? The babe that disappeared to finland but returned out of the blue on the radio the day before the most sacred days for me – Christmas? That was a nice surprise, but guess who was in charge of the night shift on the radio yesterday when I went to bed? Coinsidence that she comes on the radio on the two most important days for me? Hehehe 🙂