Still not getting it

And now the politicians in the US wanna go have a comittee and do a study on the real world effects of kids gaming too much thanks to all the recent “Grand Theft Auto” stuff. Even a grandmother who bought the 17+ game for her 14 year old grandson is suing them for false advertisement amongst other things! It really makes me sad to hear all this. If it’s not rock’n’roll, TV, movies, internet it’s games. It can’t possibly be the parents, or rather parent’s perception of things like this. I could go on and on about it, but I think this open letter to Hillary Clinton (who’s spearheading this) says it all much better than I could!

Say no to WoW!

Long time no update but that’s gonna change. I made a conscious decision and just stopped playing WoW. It was sucking too much of my free time that I usually spend with friends, family or television. And 10 years ago that might’ve been alright, but I’m almost 30 and supposed to be more mature than that!…

Who am I kidding ? 🙂

What’s going on?

You know, I wish something REALLY exciting could happen so I can post something.. I mean, I’ve been Bush-bashing for over a year now so that’s boring. And I could post about the terrible state of music when an idiotic & uncharacteristic song like “Money for nothing” is played all day here in sweden but it feels like I’ve done that enough too. Or maybe I’m just too busy playing World of Warcraft to notice what’s going on.


This is getting rediculous! My routine now is “wake up – go to work – work my ass off – go home – start wow – go to bed – wake up…” and so on! Everything else has taken a backseat! My apartment looks like crap, my fridge is empty and my friends and family don’t even know if I’m alive half of the time since I never hear the phone and hardly ever update this place. But what can I do – WoW is way too addictive…

Where Did All The Time Go?

Where did all my free time go? Not only am I back to working 8-5 (as opposed to 9-ish to 4-ish as I’ve been doing the past few months on Pulsen since there was no work to do), but I also bought World of Warcraft which is really sucking up my free time! It’s totally time consuming game and should have like a timer with a “max 6 hours per day” limit or something…

Doom 3

Now I have a perfectly good reason for not posting anything in a while I’ve been totally busy with work and playing Doom 3. Seriously, that game is dangerous for your health. Don’t play it if you have a weak heart. And my computer is begging me for an upgrade, god knows how I’m suppose to afford that. But looking forward to another great weekend. I’m playing housesitter for four days, so it’s just me, huge house, a cat and the weather which I’m hoping is gonna be all sunshine!

In Copenhagen, Denmark

I thought I was pretty hip, up to date and hi tech. But I had no idea what “toothing” was until I read this CNN story. I shouldn’t be surprised at the different ways people use technology, some totally against the original intent. It kinda reminds me about the prostitutions story I’ve read about in “The Sims Online”. People are weird. But so am I so I shouldn’t be complaining.

Sunday… or is it still Saturday?

I’ve done it again – attended a LAN event. This time it was me and a friend that got a bunch of people togetherto just play games. Now I’ve been up for about 21 hours, playing computer games and just wasting another weekend. But it was fun, so not a complete waste. And by the way – 4 days. That’s how long it took for their hormones to get the best of them.


Sorry about not updating, I’ve been totally immersed in the game of Bf1942 over the past weeks, finally finding a game I can start playing on a little bit more serious level. I haven’t been playing anything on this level since the good old Starcraft and Unreal Tournament days. The amusing thing about the gaming community is how incredibly (I can never spell that right!) isolated we seem to be. If a member of SK walked around here in Stockholm 99.5 % of the people won’t know or care about it, the other 0.5% would either go down on their knees and pray or throw a HE at him (which is politically correct since they just dismissed their ladies). Which is kinda sad considering how HUGE sweden is in the gaming world. We’re the best gaming country in europe, and world champions in some games. I think someone should mention that when discussing if it’s a good idea to subsidize “broadband to the people” or the home-PC projects since both of those two are mainly responsible for putting us up there in the top.


Oh my god, they are doing it again. They are blaming entertainers for causing people to kill people. This time some teenagers (in the states of course!) that played Grand Theft Auto a bit too much and thought it’d be cool to get a gun and start shooting randomly at cars, and OOOPS, they killed a guy. This is wrong on so many levels, and that computer game is the last thing on the list of “Things to blame”. But it is on the list though. First of all, that game comes with a “graphic violence” label. That should tell the parents, if they even cared, that “hm, perhaps it’s not such a good idea”. Then it’s the huge leap from seeing something on the computer monitor and thinking it might be cool in real life. It’s a leap I’ve never had any problem staying away from, no matter how violent the games or the movies I watched were, I never thought it was a good idea to actually build an X-Wing and fly out into space looking for the Death Star only because I saw it in the coolest movie ever. At the time. Bad role models I guess is to blame, but not only the parents, how about the #1 role model they are suppose to have in the states – their president who’s respect for human life is.. well, isn’t. Then we have the last little thing here… how did they get the gun!? Did Sony or Rockstar make the gun too? How comes this kinda thing only happens in the states? Both the shooting and the lawsuit itself, you never hear about something like this in Canada or France, let alone Sweden!

Everybody should go out and see “Bowling for Columbine”…


Ok, I know this site doesn’t look good in anything else than MS Internet Explorer! That’s because I was a bit too eager to get it up. I’m redoing the entire site using only tables instead of layers and frames. Then it’ll look cool in NS and Mozilla!

I’m also gonna update the “Eden Memorial” alot over the next few days. But I just got the new Star Wars game, Jedi Knight II, so I’ll be a bit busy with that for a while. Also, it’s easter time which means back to my parents for the looong weekend and the F1 race from Brasil. I’ll update again asap.