Sunday… or is it still Saturday?

I’ve done it again – attended a LAN event. This time it was me and a friend that got a bunch of people togetherto just play games. Now I’ve been up for about 21 hours, playing computer games and just wasting another weekend. But it was fun, so not a complete waste. And by the way – 4 days. That’s how long it took for their hormones to get the best of them.

Big Brother

Oh no, they started another run of “Big Brother”. They really should rename that show to “Who’ll Fuck Who” or something because that’s what they’ve reduced the show to. From an interesting psychological experiment of locking people from different walks of life in an isolated environment and see how they get along it’s now just about getting a bunch of hot singles into an isolated big bedroom and see how long it takes for their hormones to take over. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. And I don’t watch it, an episode was on while I was playing on my computer and as always I’ve got one ear on the computer the other on the TV and when they got the entire “so who’s ready to have sex in this place” conversation started up – ON DAY THREE !!! – I couldn’t even listen to it and flipped over to Jeopardy which was 10 times better. And you actually learn something.

Boogie Pimps

Is it just me, or is the video to “Boogie Pimp”‘s “Don’t You Want Somebody To Love” the best video of all year? It’s got everything – good track, humor, techno beat, failing parachute, mega-hot chick and crying babies. Hilarious stuff! But ofcourse, after the “Christina Weekend” on MTV last weekend you kinda crave good music and good videos. ANd speaking of music vids, Britney’s latest (“Toxic”) was a bit of a dud. Stylish, hip, hi tech, computer animated, naked Britney and not very good music either. One of these days she’s gonna make an artistic video and catch everyone by surprise. Btw, here’s a question I’ve been wondering for a while – just how much creative input does the artists have in their videos? Take someone like Jewel, her first videos were deep, artistic and thought-provoking, then we had that “Veronica’s Secret” commercial-like video she did, then the sarcastic and ironic “Intuition” video but her latest (“Stand”) is too deep for me to understand. Just how much does she have to say about them? The video to “Intuition” was totally in sync with the song, that doesn’t happen alot, does it?
(yeap, I’m on helpdesk duty which involves serious thinking and alot of idle time)


Sorry about not updating, I’ve been totally immersed in the game of Bf1942 over the past weeks, finally finding a game I can start playing on a little bit more serious level. I haven’t been playing anything on this level since the good old Starcraft and Unreal Tournament days. The amusing thing about the gaming community is how incredibly (I can never spell that right!) isolated we seem to be. If a member of SK walked around here in Stockholm 99.5 % of the people won’t know or care about it, the other 0.5% would either go down on their knees and pray or throw a HE at him (which is politically correct since they just dismissed their ladies). Which is kinda sad considering how HUGE sweden is in the gaming world. We’re the best gaming country in europe, and world champions in some games. I think someone should mention that when discussing if it’s a good idea to subsidize “broadband to the people” or the home-PC projects since both of those two are mainly responsible for putting us up there in the top.

Israel vs Palestine

I’m trying not to get too much into the Israel vs Palestine debate since I don’t wanna be labelled an anti-Semite. But guess what? I was recently laballed anti-Semite anyway. It all started last week when Israel’s ambassador here in sweden came to an art exhibit and one of the exhibits feature a little boat in a sea of blood. And on the boat was a picture of a female suicebomber that killed some 20 people last year for some idiotic reason. He thought this was glorifying and sanctioning palestinian suicebombers and went berserk. Then he called big daddy and all of a sudden Ariel Sharon was on TV saying all swedes are anti-Semite. Riiiiiiight. I just got two words for that – Raoul Wallenberg. Sure, it was 60 years ago and some might say let bygones be bygones, but Israel is the last country in the world who should say that. And sure, you may say that one person doesn’t speak for the entire country, but considering that this all started with one piece of art by one artist that was misinterpreted by one person, that arguments falls flat. And besides, Raoul Wallenberg, as oppose to Oscar Schindler, was sanctioned and helped by the Swedish government. He couldn’t buy a diplomatic passport or set up a diplomatically protected sanctuary on his own. Feels kinda sad that the good reputation of swedes as an open and tolerant people got tarnished over this little incident. It’s not our fault the ambassador got ticked off over an art exhibit that was suppose to show the bloody and meaningless consequences of conflicts like that.

That’s what I think!

Bush In Space

So Bush wants to go to Mars, huh? Being a “why aren’t we there already” person I should like it. But no, it didn’t really work. Kinda hard to take it seriously. Don’t know if he was aiming to do another “We should do these things, not because they are easy but because they are hard”-JFK speech that got the original space race going, if it was he failed. JFK wasn’t campaining to be re-elected. JFK hadn’t invaded two countries. No, I’m not gonna get started on this. Instead I’ll direct you to this Watch those clips and judge for yourself…


Oh no, I’m getting that feeling again. And it’s not that loving feeling unfortunately, it’s the same feeling I was starting to have a year ago. That my life (atleast monday to friday) has become an endless routine of “waking up, going to work, go home, watch some TV, play some computer, go to bed” every day. And last year when I got this feeling I signed up for a “once in a lifetime!” project at work that is kinda laying low right now, but that’s starting up again in the middle of February. Until then I guess I gotta keep this routine and deviate from it as much as I can.


Now I’m getting really annoyed by spam! You know, those annoying e-mails trying to sell everything from Viagra to the Hilton sex tape. But I’m not annoyed because of the nuisance factor of getting 200 spam mails every day, I’ve got a pretty good filter so that’s no problem. No, I’m annoyed because I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone, any sane person, can ever fall for any of these e-mails! I mean, seriously, if you get a letter from some [email protected] with the topic “Instant Prescript%ion Dru[gs to your Door!” and the e-mail is a picture of a guy in a white coat and a pricelist for stuff like viagra and whatnot, why would ANYONE click it or buy anything!? I don’t get it. Obviously there are people out there who fall for it, otherwise these spammers wouldn’t keep on sending spam. So who are the people that think they can increase their penis size by buying a patch from an anonymous website?! Would you buy anything from a site like this!? Yeah, you could make these kinds of things illegal, try to develop software for it or whatever, but the real problem are stupid idiotic people who fall for these letters! I just don’t understand it… and not understanding them makes me annoyed.

New Year, Same Problems

New year, same problems – getting my finances under control, car trouble, need better speakers, getting a girlfriend, losing wieght… same old, same old. But I guess it could be worse! And it seems that US will have to back down about that demand to have american security onboard all flights in or out of US, guess they weren’t gods over the world after all. And little credit to Britney for giving us a few laughs over the new year weekend, I just wish it had been a little bit more original than that. Just wondering what that guy is thinking – if I were ever to marry a rich babe like that, drunk or sober, I wouldn’t agree to a divorce that easily, haven’t he seen Eddie Murphy’s “I want half!”-scene from Raw!? And I eventually saw the last LotR movie, although I broke with tradition and did it on the second. I haven’t read the books so I can only judge the trilogy movie-wise and I gotta say the third one was a huge disappointment. The “Oh my god, we’re outnumbered and getting our asses kicked, but what is that over the horizon, is that the cavalry” was really getting old and when green goblins comes to town I just gave it up taking it seriously.
Here’s hoping the last Star Wars movie is able to live up to the expectations, but that’s not till 2005.