What’s going on?

You know, I wish something REALLY exciting could happen so I can post something.. I mean, I’ve been Bush-bashing for over a year now so that’s boring. And I could post about the terrible state of music when an idiotic & uncharacteristic song like “Money for nothing” is played all day here in sweden but it feels like I’ve done that enough too. Or maybe I’m just too busy playing World of Warcraft to notice what’s going on.

Things that makes the internet great!

Isn’t the Internet great? When pondering over “what makes the internet great” one thing that tops my list is stuff like this. Right now we have a TV show here in sweden dedicated to clips like that that. Gotta love the internet for all the laughs it’s given me 🙂

Copy protection My Ass!

Now I’m pissed off! Since I’ve started playing WoW I’ve been living in my little bubble almost oblivious to the real world. So I had no idea the new Moby album had come out in sweden but when I walked passed the CD store and saw it I just got all excited, bought it and almost ran to work to play it. And what happens? To make it more difficult for the MP3 coders out there to steal the tracks they’ve made it so copyprotected that I can’t play it on my computer! So here I am with a perfectly legal copy of a CD but still I have to download the MP3s from the internet so I can listen to it. This just pisses me! And it doesn’t help knowing that some of the $24 (!!) I paid for this CD goes to creating anti-copying software that results in this crap. Damnit! If it wasn’t a Moby-fan I’d ask for my money back!

My Very First..

Still WoW-ing all my free time away. Most interesting thing to happen recently was … my first parking ticket!! Being a bit too stressed I made an “ass” out of “u” and “mption” and thought it was free parking from 8pm when in fact it was free parking from 9pm. So I got a parking ticket at 8:26, annoying that 34 minutes cost me 420 SEK, but it was a fair cop. Up’till now I was one of those people who are described in spy movies as a made up person without as much as a parking ticket. But now I’m not. How sad…

Hotel Rwanda

Have you seen “Hotel Rwanda”? Sometimes it’s good to see these super-depressing movies – you get a good reality check on what’s on important. Some stuff that seems really important just … aren’t … and to quote the cameraman “I feel so ashamed”. At seeing stuff like this on TV and the western world who’s suppose to be more civilized not doing shit… when seeing super-depressing stuff like “Schindler’s List” I can excuse myself that it wasn’t in my lifetime. Can’t hide behind that this time.

Egypt Week

Egypt week on “Discovery Channel”, highly recommended! Way better, educational and informative than I though it’d be. One of the few upsetting programs was the one about the current fight for Egypt to get all their national treassures back from international museums. Kinda hard to argue why the rosetta-stone should be in London, huh?…


This is getting rediculous! My routine now is “wake up – go to work – work my ass off – go home – start wow – go to bed – wake up…” and so on! Everything else has taken a backseat! My apartment looks like crap, my fridge is empty and my friends and family don’t even know if I’m alive half of the time since I never hear the phone and hardly ever update this place. But what can I do – WoW is way too addictive…