So Many Options… I Hate It

Quite often you’ll hear me saying that “variety is the spice of life”, cause I do really like to have the option of doing things one way or the other. But since I met Helena, one thing has become clear – I excel at coming up with different options and ways to do something, but I suck at deciding which is best! Just a simple thing like driving from my parents home to Barkarby, there’s atleast 7 different ways to do it and I can’t decide which is the best! It’s getting pretty frustrating.

And now this entire house thing. I’ve drawn up 100 different ways we can do but can’t decide which is the best. When it affected me, no problem, I’ll go this way and suffer the consequences. But now that it also affects Helena I’m struggling. Which is really unattractive. But right now we’ve narrowed it down to 3 different options and a “due date” on April 1st on which way to go. Unfortunately, one way to go may be “keep on looking”…

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