Movies and Even More Movies

In the past few weeks me and my girlfriend have watched more movies than anyone should. But we really have nothing better to do in our spare time right now than watch a movie or two. And I’m not really complaining since I like movies 🙂

Finally saw “Mamma Mia!” (had to buy it on blueray just cause I can!), quite a funny and good movie for all generations basically. I was most interested to see how they incorporated “Does your mother know”. ‘Cause let’s phase it, had it been either of the male actors singing it to a young girl it wouldn’t work today.. most innovative use of a Abba song was “Lay All Your Love on me”, loved that one!

Biggest disappointment yet was Benjamin Button. Sorry but it felt like it tried to be Forrest Gump… but didn’t quite achieve that epic feel. Big disappointment there. Or maybe “Wanted” was the biggest disappointment? That’s not even worth words… or maybe X-Files was even worse?.. so many stupid movies made today…

“Expired” was a bit funny and cute but overall pretty boring. “Seven Pounds” was very boring but the last 10 minutes make up for the boring movie cause it’s so good ending I had to drop a little tear. “Grey Matter” was pretty slow but sweet, “Alien Raiders” was surprisingly good thriller/horror. Never been into horror movies but Helena is so I just adapt.

And countless comedies, “Accepted”, “My Best Friends Girl” but best one was “Step Brothers”, didn’t expect it to be _that_ funny! And ofcourse Kevin Smiths latest, “Zack and Miri Makes a Porno” which was funny, just not hilarious.

Can’t wait for the F1 season to start 🙂

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