How Was Your Weekend?

My weekend was pretty good. Started off going out to Texas Longhorn with a few buddies of mine on friday, played some WoW, saw a few movies, enjoyed good food and having a girlfriend.
Oh and I also bought a new car (Volvo S40 from 2001)..

How was your weekend 🙂

"What If" Operation Valkyrie Had Been a Success?

So there’s another movie coming out about Operation Valkyrie, you know, the old plot of blowing up Hitler and his military chiefs to hell, but this time it’s Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg so should make some headlines. Anyway, heard an interesting “what if” that was related to this movie from some random movie critic, and you all know I love “what if” scenarios.

What if they had been succesfull?
I don’t know if it would’ve made _that_ big difference if they’d killed Hitler that late in the game (July 1944). It’s even more interesting to speculate if someone could’ve killed him even before it started. How would that affect history? Things you don’t really think about, like NASAs #1 rocket guy, von Braun, that helped the states in the space race, he wouldn’t have the expertice he had. Not to mention fusion power and stuff like that.

That was one of the few things I liked about “Benjamin Button”, they had a very interesting “cause and effect” sequence that showed just how little small irrelevant things can hurt you…

Enough philosophy for one day, tonight it’s time for another nice steak at Texas Longhorn, jummy!

Movies and Even More Movies

In the past few weeks me and my girlfriend have watched more movies than anyone should. But we really have nothing better to do in our spare time right now than watch a movie or two. And I’m not really complaining since I like movies 🙂

Finally saw “Mamma Mia!” (had to buy it on blueray just cause I can!), quite a funny and good movie for all generations basically. I was most interested to see how they incorporated “Does your mother know”. ‘Cause let’s phase it, had it been either of the male actors singing it to a young girl it wouldn’t work today.. most innovative use of a Abba song was “Lay All Your Love on me”, loved that one!

Biggest disappointment yet was Benjamin Button. Sorry but it felt like it tried to be Forrest Gump… but didn’t quite achieve that epic feel. Big disappointment there. Or maybe “Wanted” was the biggest disappointment? That’s not even worth words… or maybe X-Files was even worse?.. so many stupid movies made today…

“Expired” was a bit funny and cute but overall pretty boring. “Seven Pounds” was very boring but the last 10 minutes make up for the boring movie cause it’s so good ending I had to drop a little tear. “Grey Matter” was pretty slow but sweet, “Alien Raiders” was surprisingly good thriller/horror. Never been into horror movies but Helena is so I just adapt.

And countless comedies, “Accepted”, “My Best Friends Girl” but best one was “Step Brothers”, didn’t expect it to be _that_ funny! And ofcourse Kevin Smiths latest, “Zack and Miri Makes a Porno” which was funny, just not hilarious.

Can’t wait for the F1 season to start 🙂

Sometimes Hi Tech Sucks

I’m pretty proud to be as high tech as I am, but sometimes being hi tech sucks! Last week me and my girlfriend had a sensitive argument, the kind that can kill a relationship if you phrase things wrong or say stuff in the heat of the moment. So it was done through SMS. The advantage of that is ofcourse you don’t risk ending up calling her fat just to be cruel. But it also has one big setback! Sometimes if you send long text messages it doesn’t deliver it all at once, but in small pieces. Some messages where chopped so badly that if we hadn’t waited for the rest it’d killed it! So that really didn’t help… hate emotional rollercoster rides like that!

Love You All

Today I got one of those chain e-mails, you know the one that says “forward this to everyone you love and you’ll be happy”. I never do. But this one, from my niece, was about taking a minute to tell everyone that matters to you that you love them before it’s too late. So I thought I would…

So here’s to mom, dad, AC, Amy, Paul, Nic, Alex, Linda, Carro, Binta, Becks, Steph, Lauryn, Jack, Jocke, Mats, Lina, Ricki, Eva, Peter R, Clara, Henrik A, Janne, Johan, Dago, Mattias K, Roger P, Dazza and most of all Helena – love you all!! (hoping I didn’t miss anyone)

How’s The New Year So Far?

How is your new year going? For me it’s “ok but could be better”, had a bit of a downer with my girlfriend last night but atleast we fell asleep holding eachother in the end. Other than that I’m happy to finally have my video system set up the way I want it to, complete with HTPC optically hooked up and all stuff like that, the way it was meant to be basically. So now we’re busy plowing through movies one after another. And then still busy redesigning But atleast WoW isn’t taking that much of my time anymore 🙂