Fall From Grace

Since summer 2005 World of Warcraft have been a big part of my life, for almost one year it basically was my life. Doing big raids with 25-40 people that lasted whole nights was something I did every day. It’s hard, if not impossible, to explain to people who hasn’t been that into a game like this how fun it was, they just think you’re nuts. Then I met my Helena and ofcourse everything changed and I pretty much stopped playing for over 3 months. Then I started playing a bit when I wasn’t with her and it was great. But now that we’re living together I don’t have that time by myself and the other day I had to say “I can’t cuddle up with you in the sofa and watch this silly romantic movie, the boys need me in Warcraft” and I really felt how hard I fell from grace in her view. She was so disappointed. And I was disappointed too. But it’s fun, I’m good at it and I only get to play with my friends that often. Ofcourse I would always chose her above a computer game but I’m trying to have both and she’s awesome for not making me choose. Totally love her 🙂

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