One More Step …

Took one more step to adulthood the other day. We went passed Ikea and just said “lets buy a bed”. And so we did. Even had to hire a car to load everything in from the gas station. Almost made me feel like a grownup. Except grownups wouldn’t have decided to buy a bed for $2000 right there and then like we did 🙂

Fall From Grace

Since summer 2005 World of Warcraft have been a big part of my life, for almost one year it basically was my life. Doing big raids with 25-40 people that lasted whole nights was something I did every day. It’s hard, if not impossible, to explain to people who hasn’t been that into a game like this how fun it was, they just think you’re nuts. Then I met my Helena and ofcourse everything changed and I pretty much stopped playing for over 3 months. Then I started playing a bit when I wasn’t with her and it was great. But now that we’re living together I don’t have that time by myself and the other day I had to say “I can’t cuddle up with you in the sofa and watch this silly romantic movie, the boys need me in Warcraft” and I really felt how hard I fell from grace in her view. She was so disappointed. And I was disappointed too. But it’s fun, I’m good at it and I only get to play with my friends that often. Ofcourse I would always chose her above a computer game but I’m trying to have both and she’s awesome for not making me choose. Totally love her 🙂

Not So Much Babysteps Anymore

This saturday I did something I’ve never done before. I officially moved in with my girlfriend to her place north of stockholm! It’s nothing definite, I still have my old apartment in working condition so I can always do a rollback on this if it doesn’t work out but so far it’s going really well 🙂 Had someone said in february that I’d meet a woman and move in with her within 6 months they’d been crazy all over! But here I am. And loving it!


Yesterday I saw a movie that got me.. emotional. In many ways. It was called “Sharkwater” (IMDB link) and was a documentary about sharks, but not in the average way. It began by dismissing all myths about sharks being evil and human-eating killing machines and did a pretty good job of that. Then it went on about the food chain in the ocean and spent a large portion of the movie dealing with illegal shark fishing for the fins going to the asian market. It got me pretty damn pissed off seeing it. I’m not the most environmentally friendly person and even though I make a few contributions to Greenpeace but I’m not that into it. But I still got pissed at it. If we won’t stop simply for the humanitarian reason of dismembering sharks and throwing them back into the ocean then do it for the very environmental reason of them being so vital for the oxygen production in the oceans! Never knew this was such a big thing and I really don’t know if I should take everything in this movie at face value but it still got me going.

But it was all done with some incredible underwater footage that was just awesome!! Go see it!!