Payday again in sweden. You know what that means, right? It’s been exactly one month since my best friend died 🙁

On an egoistic note – I think this has ruined any joy I may ever have on any future payday…

On an optimistic note however – I got a real life example which proves I’m not a racists: I woke up this morning to the radio-chatter, and the news that Hale Berry had won an Oscar. “Good for her” I thought, “she’s done some really good performances over the years, so she’s worked for it”. Then 7 o´clock news started and one of the short headlines was “a historic win in best actress category at the Oscars”. “Why is Hale Berry winning historic?”… The youngest? No, Anna Paquin is the youngest one I’m aware of… no, it was historic because she was the first afro-american actress to get it. I didn’t even think about that! To me, that wasn’t even an issue! True, it sounds very much like the “South Park” episode when they had that huge debate over the flag that showed a bunch of white people hanging a black person. But all the kids saw was an bunch of people hanging someone. So once again, I’m reassured I’m not a racist, and I’ll let everyone else think what they want about me.

Btw, this means that X-Men now have two Oscar award winning chicks 🙂
(of course, both Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen deserves one each, they’re both awesome actors!)

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