Can you say a funeral was “perfect”? How about “beautiful”? Because that’s what it was! Everyone involved pulled everything off beatifuly, all practical problems were just solved, everything worked. The music, the atmosphere, the colors, hell – even the eulogy I managed to give was just beautiful. I’m sure Eden would have found something wrong with it, but as far as I know the only thing missing was just that – him. And then small touches, like people putting their communicators down instead of flowers, a small military salute… wow, and I was thinking of not attending…
I’d like to thank everyone who turned up! I was afraid not many would, but I was wrong. A special thanx to everyone in uniforms, I know Eden would’ve loved that. Credits go off to Ricki for keeping the entire thing together, Nic for musical recomendations, Eva for emotional support, Paramount for letting us use the copyrighted Starfleet logo, my father for letting me have the car and thereby solving so many practical problems..
It was really nice to feel the support everyone offered through this tragedy.

Well, let’s keep on Trekkin people!

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