New Year, Same Problems

New year, same problems – getting my finances under control, car trouble, need better speakers, getting a girlfriend, losing wieght… same old, same old. But I guess it could be worse! And it seems that US will have to back down about that demand to have american security onboard all flights in or out of US, guess they weren’t gods over the world after all. And little credit to Britney for giving us a few laughs over the new year weekend, I just wish it had been a little bit more original than that. Just wondering what that guy is thinking – if I were ever to marry a rich babe like that, drunk or sober, I wouldn’t agree to a divorce that easily, haven’t he seen Eddie Murphy’s “I want half!”-scene from Raw!? And I eventually saw the last LotR movie, although I broke with tradition and did it on the second. I haven’t read the books so I can only judge the trilogy movie-wise and I gotta say the third one was a huge disappointment. The “Oh my god, we’re outnumbered and getting our asses kicked, but what is that over the horizon, is that the cavalry” was really getting old and when green goblins comes to town I just gave it up taking it seriously.
Here’s hoping the last Star Wars movie is able to live up to the expectations, but that’s not till 2005.

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