Just When I Thought I Was Out …

… they relase a new expansion that is really, really good! I know, I should and I wanted to quit World of Warcraft a long time ago. It’s a huge time sink and no matter how hard I try I can’t even come close to the level I played at 6-7 years ago! But this expansion is actually really, really good!

They’ve decreased the amount of spells, dropped atleast 2 digits on all item attributes and they’ve made the game much harder to play! When I played as healer I have to work pretty hard to keep the gang alive! And when I’m doing it as DPS I actually have to work hard to keep up the DPS as warlock which used to be easy mode.

And the new content, the new dungeons with some of the encounters (like the one on the train) are pretty awesome! UBRS is back and better than before. The one thing I really don’t like is that we can’t fly in the new zone – and they really do utilize altitude as an obstacle in some zones which is pissing me off riding around for 10 minutes to try to find how to get up a cliff!

So nope, will be a while more before I hang up the wizards hat…

F1 over for 2014. Bring on 2015!

hamiltonAnd so the Formula 1 season of 2014 is over with Hamilton & Mercedes taking home the titles this year. Has it been an exciting season? In my opinion … no. Because even though the title fight went down to the wire, to the very last race and alive and well a good 30 minute into the race until Rosberg’s engine started acting up, despite that I don’t think it was too exciting. And I don’t think it’s only because I’m a Ferrari fan, and Ferrari hardly even got a podium all year. I think it’s because one team was so dominant that it never really got exciting for me! It reminded me of 2009 when Brawn GP were so dominant that it never got exciting!

You could counter with all those years that Ferrari were dominant but as I said, I’m a Ferrari fan so how can I complain about that? But I do enjoy a good season where two people from different teams are contenders. Like those seasons with Schumi vs Hakkinen, Schumi vs Alonso, Hamilton vs Ferrari and Red Bull vs Alonso. Those were more exciting than this year. Sure, some great racing but I can’t say I’ve been sitting biting my nails off really.

Now I have to spend all winter getting warm to the idea of rooting for Vettel!! I’m always rooting for the Ferraris – no matter who’s driving them!


And Yet Again I Fail … & Office 365

I'm Actually On Office365
It seems everytime I say to myself “right, now I really have to get better at updating my blog” the worse I do. ‘Cause I really want to get better at it! But again I fail. It’s been way too long since my last update.

So what’s new here? Not alot really, life is chugging along nicely. Alot of drama and uncertainty at work but nothing compared to my short time at Carema.

But I’m also trying out Office 365 (Business pack) since it’s great value for money right now. For a mere $10 a month you get the full Office package to install on your computers, you get 1 TB of storage space, you get both an Exchange and Sharepoint instance in the cloud, and even if I really don’t need all of this it’s still great to have if nothing else for my work. And it is a great experience learning how Microsoft is thinking that the business of tomorrow should operate and setup. And if I ever were to startup a company I’d most definitely use it. Also trying to see if I can move my blog in some good way, but to be honest it doesn’t feel like Sharepoint Online is really made for blogging. And I still haven’t found any good way of backing it up and without that it’s a no go.

Have a few more updates planned in the week now that both the F1 season of 2014 is over and a Warcraft expansion etc so my hope is to update it more. Again.