And Yet Again I Fail … & Office 365

I'm Actually On Office365
It seems everytime I say to myself “right, now I really have to get better at updating my blog” the worse I do. ‘Cause I really want to get better at it! But again I fail. It’s been way too long since my last update.

So what’s new here? Not alot really, life is chugging along nicely. Alot of drama and uncertainty at work but nothing compared to my short time at Carema.

But I’m also trying out Office 365 (Business pack) since it’s great value for money right now. For a mere $10 a month you get the full Office package to install on your computers, you get 1 TB of storage space, you get both an Exchange and Sharepoint instance in the cloud, and even if I really don’t need all of this it’s still great to have if nothing else for my work. And it is a great experience learning how Microsoft is thinking that the business of tomorrow should operate and setup. And if I ever were to startup a company I’d most definitely use it. Also trying to see if I can move my blog in some good way, but to be honest it doesn’t feel like Sharepoint Online is really made for blogging. And I still haven’t found any good way of backing it up and without that it’s a no go.

Have a few more updates planned in the week now that both the F1 season of 2014 is over and a Warcraft expansion etc so my hope is to update it more. Again.

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