Finally summer again :)

Now it’s really summer time here in Stockholm! It’s wonderful to walk to work nowadays, stopping by Kungsan for a chocolate dipped icecream before work. Think that was one of Gods many plans to be honest!

Our house is almost done. We’re waiting for the electrician and the wallpapers to go up, we’re also having our fireplace mounted this week but it looks like it’s the wrong kind. Won’t know until it’s done and the covers are in place though.

And then, on july 13th we have our big inspection of the house that will either end in such a huge list of negatives that the entrepreneurs will have to redo alot of stuff, or most likely a small list of things that will take them 1-2 days to fix and we should be able to move in that weekend. That’s almost three weeks from now! Can’t wait!

Almost There…

If you’ve been checking out this image gallery you should know why I don’t update much. Got tons of stuff to do and when you least need another ball to deal with life throws a huge curve ball right smack in your nuts!… more of that later, sometime… now we gotta finish that small little shed that’s soaking wet now…

If you live in sweden, go to and sign-up. I have.

Another Little Hick-Up

They’re set to start building our house on monday and I thought I was on top of it. Then a truckdriver calls me up and says “hey there, where you want the house? you’re suppose to set up a sign you newbie!”… well it’s not my fault they told me I wouldn’t need the sign since there were so many people building there that they had everything under control, the sign-thing is just for people building in the middle of nowhere.

That’s what I get for trusting that guy…


One of many things me and Helena have in common is we like movies! And we’ve seen quite a few in the recent couple of weeks, even gone to the cinemas – 3 times!!
Wolverine was pretty good and fun action. Angels and Demons was so so. And then we saw Terminator Salvation and it was abit of a disappointment! It was good action but it took itself way too seriously, hardly any comedy, paper thin story. So not that impressed. Atleast the third one had some moral to it, this was just plain action.

But one movie we saw on dvd the other week was “Fireproof”. We thought it was gonna be a good drama/romantical movie about a couple who’d grown apart and was on the brink of divorce. But it wasn’t. It was a sugar-overload sent by the american jesus christ society! I’m all for respecting other people and their beliefs and if they want to believe in jesus christ then go ahead. But don’t try to convert the world through these kinds of Hallmark movies! I mean the movie and story was ok, had it just not been for the “I have to love god to know what love really is” crap they kept on about.

And someone really should take a look at the subwoofer in Heron number 9 cause it’s been sounding crazy for a year now…

Another awesome weekend ends…

And so another awesome weekend ends and the first real week of summer begins!
Me and Helena are keeping ourselves busy wether we like it or not, but on saturday it actually looked like we were gonna have a lazy ass afternoon and evening at home with only the TV as company. But oh no, we were called into Heron City to watch “Angels and Demons” with two friends of ours. It was nice to see them again but the movie could’ve been better. Although I gotta say it’s still fun to see movies from Rome where I can say “been there” (although nowadays I say it quite to myself).

But sunday was the big day for us. My family and some of Helena’s joined us at our building site for a little tour of where everything is going to be becauase in exactly one week the house will be lifted in place. And after that tour we went to a nearby lake and had a picknick/lunch, celebrated my 34th birtday (!) and just enjoyed the kick ass weather! After that we went home to find out noone had showed to check out the apartment so to comfort ourself I got to open my birthday present 2 days too early and we spent the night trying to play Metallica on our Playstation.

Absolutely kick ass weekend!