Another awesome weekend ends…

And so another awesome weekend ends and the first real week of summer begins!
Me and Helena are keeping ourselves busy wether we like it or not, but on saturday it actually looked like we were gonna have a lazy ass afternoon and evening at home with only the TV as company. But oh no, we were called into Heron City to watch “Angels and Demons” with two friends of ours. It was nice to see them again but the movie could’ve been better. Although I gotta say it’s still fun to see movies from Rome where I can say “been there” (although nowadays I say it quite to myself).

But sunday was the big day for us. My family and some of Helena’s joined us at our building site for a little tour of where everything is going to be becauase in exactly one week the house will be lifted in place. And after that tour we went to a nearby lake and had a picknick/lunch, celebrated my 34th birtday (!) and just enjoyed the kick ass weather! After that we went home to find out noone had showed to check out the apartment so to comfort ourself I got to open my birthday present 2 days too early and we spent the night trying to play Metallica on our Playstation.

Absolutely kick ass weekend!

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