Reconnecting With Old Friends

Back in 2000-2001 I had a friend called Markus. We lived a few kilometer from each other, we both liked “Star Trek”, movies, computer games and the occasional beer (or in his case, bottle of wine). I liked him. But after Eden died and after Markus got married and I did my world tour we kinda lost touch for a long time and what little I heard from him was from my sister who ran into him now and again.

But now we decided that it had definitely been too long so me and my fiance went over to their house for a BBQ, some beers and alot of conversation. And it was good! It was awesome actually. Marcus and his wife now had 2 kids (she was pregnant with the first one last time I saw her!) and he had done so many home improvement I couldn’t believe it was the same Markus! And we had a great time just talking and discussing things about life and stuff. It was great reconnecting and we’re definitely gonna do it more often 🙂

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