It’s the little things in life you treassure

As I’ve said so many times, it’s the little things in life that I really enjoy! Today I had to go into work and move my office abit (I knew I had to do, just pushed it as far as I could!) and it sucks having to go into work during your holiday, right? Well it only took an hour. Then I spent an hour in Kungsträdgården enjoying an old style vanilla ice cream and when going home I took a huge detour around the central parts of stockholm. And everyone who’s been there this time of year knows why.

Donating blood, when did that get expensive?

I’m on holiday right now from work. That means I’m just sitting at home doing all the things I usually don’t have time for since I can’t be bothered to go anywhere. So today my schedule (not as bad as it sounds!) said “donate blood!”. So I filled in the “free parking” note that we blood donors get, took the car up there and got tapped for a pint. Then I got back to the car and … yeap, got a parking ticket! Why? Because I hadn’t put the not up against the windshield! It was in the passenger seat so whoever that parking attendant was should have seen it, but nope. THat cost me 300 SEK 🙁

More moral problems

As you may remember, a few years back in this blog I made a small reference to Tone Bekkestad, a norwegian chick doing the weather on TV4. In case you haven’t seen her, she’s hot but in a classy way. And the readers of Slitz, a very guyish magazine in sweden, agreed and voted her as # 42 on their top sexiest women in sweden. And she agreed to do a few photos for them. Now, they do very good photos, not that pornographic or explicit, they still leave alot to the imagination, just the way I like it. And TV4 fired her for it. All of a sudden she’s not “credible” to present the weather. Talk about pretentious since this is the woman who educated most of her collegues and actually has the credentials and title to do it 🙂

Moral dilemma

Oh boy, have I gotten myself into a moral dilemma now. As I was doing disaster recovery of a crashed computer I scanned the documents to see which were salvagable. Nothing new about that. Only this computer used to belong to one of the people in human resources. And as I was going through documents one caught my eye since it was about someone I consider a friend and it was about her expressing some unhappiness with her workgroup she was working in and some stuff she wasn’t happy with. At that point I closed it and said “salvaged!” without reading any specifics. But I kept thinking about it and here’s the dilemma – do I talk to her about these things in an attempt to make her feel better or try to be supportive, and thereby telling her I’ve seen a document I probably shouldn’t have seen or read? Or do I play stupid and act like I don’t know what’s bothering her?… I’ll see what happens, if I do end up in a remotely deep conversation with her I guess I’ll have to bring it up.

Can’t This Be Over Soon …

Even though I’m not trying to watch that many football games I still find myself semi-watching every one. You know, one eye on the computer playing WoW and the other one watching the game. And sweden scored one goal and all of a sudden the media are discussing how far we can go. But england will put them down to earth again.

Wanna Hear Something Sad?

Yesterday was a glorious swedish summer and how did I spend it? Inside a movie theater watching Star Trek. But that’s not the sad part, the sad part was that it was the last time we had our Star Trek event in that theater. We’ve been there once a month for 9 months per year for 9 years now! Seriously, it was 9 years since we had our first event there (and ofc I remember it like it was yesterday). ‘All good things must come to an end’ indeed…

And today was another glorious summer day and I spent around 1 hour of it slacking in the sun. Then played WoW for the rest of the day 🙂

Tired Of The Football

Damn I’m so tired of all the football shit that’s going on everywhere. I just don’t get what’s so big about it. And in sweden people are actually expecting our boys to go anywhere. Just setting themselves up for disappointment again. Sure, the european championships was good, but didn’t go that far. And now it’s world championship?! Can’t wait for it to be over!

Happy Birthday To Me

31 years old. Or 30-something… man I’m getting too old for some of the stuff that I’m doing. But I’m just having too much fun so I’ll just keep it up 🙂

This really made my friday (only in swedish though).

Oh What A Mess …

And now the mess grows, even as far as white house (or so they say in swedish media) as it seems they were preassuring the swedish government to have the Pirate Bay closed. Which I actually don’t see that much problem with, because the site was too anarchistic for my liking. But when they even take DNA samples of the people suspected of a crime of a digital nature, one has to wonder what tha hell this mess is about and how it could happen and if it was done legally or what? Fortunately our media isn’t letting this one like they did the one last year!