Moral dilemma

Oh boy, have I gotten myself into a moral dilemma now. As I was doing disaster recovery of a crashed computer I scanned the documents to see which were salvagable. Nothing new about that. Only this computer used to belong to one of the people in human resources. And as I was going through documents one caught my eye since it was about someone I consider a friend and it was about her expressing some unhappiness with her workgroup she was working in and some stuff she wasn’t happy with. At that point I closed it and said “salvaged!” without reading any specifics. But I kept thinking about it and here’s the dilemma – do I talk to her about these things in an attempt to make her feel better or try to be supportive, and thereby telling her I’ve seen a document I probably shouldn’t have seen or read? Or do I play stupid and act like I don’t know what’s bothering her?… I’ll see what happens, if I do end up in a remotely deep conversation with her I guess I’ll have to bring it up.

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