I Spoke Too Soon

Right, so remember a few updates ago that I mentioned that “I’ve been sick enough for the whole year”. Well I spoke way too soon on that one! After we’d gone to the cemetery on Saturday to honor Eden we went back here to watch some Star Trek now in Bluray. And all of a sudden I got this vibe that not all is right with me. And on sunday I woke up with a fever and banging headache. Popped a few iprens, drank alot of Coke, stayed in bed and watched F1. It was so bad I was totally delirious all sunday night! Monday was even worse, my fever spiked at 39.5! And my throat started to swell up. Tuesday not much better. Wednesday the fever went away but still very swollen throat and today my throat is dry as hell, I dont have much energy so I’m home from work one more day.

But I HAVE to go to work tomorrow! Call it work ethic or pride or whatever, usually it’s in Sweden considered idiotic to come in and work one day, especially a Friday but I just can’t stay home any more! And I’ve run out of Formula 1 races to watch!!
So now I’ve had the “common flu”.. is this really so common? Down and out for almost 4 days!? What’s up with that? And you have to appreciate the irony that I’ve just started working for this healthcare company…

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