A Long Long Time Ago…

Ok maybe it wasn’t that long ago, just over 2 years ago, back in November 2007 one of my friends got married. And they had a professional photographer called Christel there (along with an “assistant”) that was running around all day taking photos. I saw a few of them on her website Estethia.com. I thought she did an awesome job of covering the wedding, took some really nice photos and also spent alot of time fixing them up in photoshop or whatever. But it wasn’t until recently that the bride sent over the photo of me from that wedding. And I gotta say… if you’re a photographer and can make me look this good, then you’re really good!!! Check out her website cause she does really good work! When I get married and if I can afford it I know who to call 🙂

And when I showed that to Helena she said “oh you looked so good back then. Pity I didn’t know you then”. What the hell is that suppose to mean!?!?! 🙂

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