Powershell to Exchange Online

You’re used to having your Exchange server in your own environment and Powershelling to it and run all these scripts you’ve collected over the years.

Now that the mailboxes are in a database you have no control of on a server somewhere at Microsoft how are you supposed to run those Exchange Powershells?

This is the MS way of executing Powershell against Exchange Online using Powershell commands you’d usually use on an on-premise Exchange environment. This is very basic stuff, but if you’re just getting started with Office 365, this is essential to manage users in Exchange Online!

$UserCredential = Get-Credential
$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri https://outlook.office365.com/powershell-liveid/ -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection
Import-PSSession $Session

Basically what this does is connects you to Exchange Online and starts a remote Powershell session on Microsoft’s server. This unfortunately means that you are limited to the automation limits, which means sometimes when you do really, really heavy stuff you’ll run into throttling errors from “Microsoft.Online.Administration.Automation.MicrosoftOnlineException”. Usually that’s just an error saying you need to code better with more filters!

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