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So did you watch the Live Earth thingy? I did. Kinda. I watched it, but not live. I left my place at 15 and just sat the recorder to record until 8 the morning after and I watched during sunday, so I could easily fast forward the boring parts. I’m so tired of rap music from MTV that I can’t stand it in these concerts. Anyway, overall I think it was a great show and they really got the message through. Personal favorites would be Wolfmother in Sydney, Linkin Park in japan, Metallica and Madonna (she may not e 20… or 30… and soon not even 40 anymore, but she can still rock like none other) in London, Joss Stone in Johannesburg, Katie Melua in Hamburg, Lenny in Rio and Alicia Keys in NY. I liked some of the small films but after seeing the same one 10 times it got boring.

The only complaint I have is actually the swedish broadcast. Especially the early broadcast when they had a guy that read everything off the internet and pretended to know music and his guests that couldn’t really decide what they were and what music they liked. The evening crew was much better though, especially Per “the long haired meteorologist”, he really got into the issues and sat some facts straight and had alot of interesting things to say. The night crew followed the morning crews tradition of reading stuff off the internet as they were broadcasting but not nearly as annoying. Next time I’m gonna demand to get the straight satellite feed so I don’t have to put up with that shit again cause I remember they screwed up the Live 8 thing too.

One question though… how much energy does it take to run 8 big concerts like this with complete “good enough for Metallica” speakers. Just out of curiosity?…

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