LOL! A BIG LOUD LAUGH AND A GOOD SMILE! I’m ofcourse talking about the hockey fiasco yesterday. Actually I guess I should say – THE OLYMPIC FIASCO DURING THE PAST TWO WEEKS!

Before the Olympics started, most people said “we’ll win 10 medals, easily!”. I wasn’t one of them. Then everyone kept talking how great Per Elofsson and Magda was and how they’d rule, and the swedish hockey team! We had all the NHL stars and everything was going our way. But it just wasn’t our Olympic game.
And do you know who I blame for getting me disappointed? The hockeyplayers for doing their best on a bad day? Salo, the goalie who made one mistake and one slip? NO! THE PRESS. THE MEDIA! The so called experts! Haha on them, they were all frigging wrong! I don’t think they should demand anyone to resign, if anyone should it should be them! If they hadn’t been experting all over pumping up the hopes for swedish medals I wouldn’t be disappointed now!

But as always – LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! Swedish has 4 medals right now. One silver belonging to a no-name (actually his nams is Rickard Rickardsson, no joke!), but still, noone expected the snowboarders to get a medal. (again, the experts should resign!) But the greatest thing is – the three bronzes all came from chicks! 3/4 medals are thanx to women. Let’s just hope the swedish female hockey team can take home the glory of the bronze medal and it’ll be “Women 4 – Guys 1”. Haha, I was laughing all the way to work this morning, Belarus (or however they spell it), they had one NHL star and unfortunately the better goalie… I just love an underdog!

One week and one day left….

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