Ok, that will take time to adapt – 2002 🙂 I’m not going into details about yesterday, I’ll just say it was the best possible way to start 2002. Let’s hope all airplanes can stay in the air this year 🙁

I saw “Lord of the Rings” today. I’ve never read the books, I’ve been totally ignorant to the world of Tolkien. So I had no expectations whatsoever. The movie is visually great! Borderlining “stunning”, but not quite there. Beautiful landscapes, nice CGI army and a great cast (for once I actually liked Liv Tyler in a movie!), nice fighting scenes. But the story was way too slow for me. And I’ve never really liked the land of fantasy that much (with the exception of “Mio, min Mio”).

I’ll have no trouble waiting for the next one. But I’m cracking of anticipation for SW Episode II !

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