I’m kind of weird in some ways – like how I in some ways like things to just remain the same and keep on going with “if it ain’t broken why fix it”. Yet sometimes I love to change things around even when it’s already working perfectly. Like this site. This site has been on so many servers I’ve lost count. At one time like 10 years ago it was hosted at “Aleborg Solutions” that later became Binero. And then it moved around until I started hosting it at home, then to our server in the states and now it’s back at Binero! Why? Becuase it was just a bit slow when it was “over there”, I noticed that when going around in the image gallery. So I moved it back home to Sweden. I know it’s gonna cost me a little bit but now I don’t have to worry the least about the server going down!

I’m also trying out a new image gallery called “Justified Image Gallery” that shows the image gallery in a pretty neat way. Look at our gallery for our trip to Crete – looks pretty sweet, no?

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