In The Bergian Garden

Me and Sam at the Bergian Garden

Me and Sam at the Bergian Garden

On Sunday we had to get out of the house and Helena, that mostly comes up with stuff like this, came up with the idea to take a trip to the Bergian Garden in Stockholm for a pick nick. I’ve never been there, but first impression wasn’t good. Tons of people crowding the parking lot and only one of the three parking meters was working so you can imagine the queue. But after that it was pretty nice! Very open, very green, very calm atmosphere which really surprised me because it’s so close the the centre of Stockholm that you’d think it’d be noisy as hell and people rushing all around (which is what you do in Stockholm) but not here, just cool, calm and relaxing. And we tried to get Sam to enjoy it but he just wanted the sugar (candy and apple juice) and play with his small cars. But it was nice to sit for a pick nick and just not be stressed and not feel like “I could be downing another boss in Diablo right now”, those thoughts were miles away!!

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