Solar Powered

So we finally did it. We got solar panels installed on the roof.

I’ve been sceptical about it since our house is facing east/west and for the highest efficiency you want south facing roof. But it was explained to me that with a east/west roof you can put panels on both sides to get solar electricity from when the sun goes up until it goes down. It might not be as efficient per solar panel but when it comes to getting the most amount of hours out of your installation it’s actually pretty good even if you have to pay more for more panels.

And after this winter with very high electric bills, finding out some of that was imported “brown” electricity and also finding out we’d consume about 16,000kWh annually, we decided to give it a shot. So we invested about $20,000 for an installation that would generate about 8,500kWh per year and got a company to do the entire installation for us, from climbing on the roof to hooking it up, they handled it all.

And now, after less than three months it’s produced over 4,000kwh! Granted, those months have been June-July-August but still. Also the electric bill have so far been in the negative, meaning they actually owe us money!

So so far we’re pretty damn happy about it. Fortunately we don’t have to look at our own roof much 🙂

Between 60-70 kWh per day in July!