Busy Busy

I’m not that narcissistic that I left that update for this long, it’s just been really busy around here. Trying to sort everything out and making sure things are rolling and all the papers get signed and shipped to god knows who… but it’s getting along now.

They shaved off an inch of ground on our lot to give us an idea of how big it was and it’s pretty damn huge! You can check the image album here. You’d do best to login as “guest”. The password is the name of the company I work for.

So I’m One Of The "Good Guys" Huh?

Even though it’s been a year now some friends are still surprised that I actually have a girlfriend, that I moved in with, and am now engaged with and building a new house with. I get alot of nice congratulations (like this). But the best compliment have come from three different people (from a family member, a close friend and an estranged friend/former collegue) and that is – “proof that good guys can win”! I like that. I like that people consider me a good guy. I know it’s narcissistic as hell, but it still feels good getting the compliment.

Regarding our house building, everything seems to be set – except for that damn approval from the council that we may actually build the house we want and the way we want it!


Small steps every day for us to build our home! Right now everything seems to be on track, just waiting for the permit to start building and we’re good to go.
I can’t imagine people who have to deal with all of this plus do the actual building work, I’m going nuts just calling around and making sure everything is moving ahead…

But right now we’re on track to move in week 32 (late july/early august) 🙂

Why’s It Gotta Be So Complicated!?

This is getting really complicated. Remember when I said that this house building stuff was gonna be rushed and if everything would click we’d get to move in early august?… it’s really not clicking. Right now there’s two key elements that are not happening. First it’s the permit we need from the council to build there. It’s a pure formality but we still haven’t seen anything. Then it’s the downpayment for the building lot that we thought was gonna be handled by the bank. Which it would’ve been, had she not been home sick all week! I called them today to find out and someone was gonna try to sort it out but as it looks now we’re fucked… so all change and reset target to november 🙁 … *cry*