VIP Treatment

So what did you do last night? If you’re answer is anything less than “bought dinner for John Rhys-David and Marina Sirtis” I got you beat! You’d think I’d be most impressed with meeting Marina Sirtis since I’m a trekker, but I’ve always been impressed by John! He’s just an awesome actor and now I can even say that he’s a great guy. And deep too! We had a Q&A with them and one of the most interesting ideas he proposed was to teach everything in school through history. Math, geography, religion, science, everything. And he was fun to. Unfortunately he was exhausted so after the Q&A and dinner I took them back to their hotel. Great saturday for me!!

Katie who?

As I was walking to work last friday I walked by a place with alot of posters and stuff on the wall and I noted a poster about some Katie Melua visiting Stockholm this weekend. She looked beautiful on the poster so I thought I’d download a song or two at work. Wow! Awesome stuff! I’ve never been much of a blues fan – as a matter of fact, until that night in Helsinki at Storyville I’d never even bothered listening to it. But this was just WOW! Just listen to Shy Boy, that was enough for me to go out and buy the album! Love it when that happens, things like this just comes along and leaves your mind blown away! And I’d also like to point out that had it not been for these things that the record industry is trying to stop I would never have bought her album, think about that!

Do your part!

Today Metro did something really nice! Metro is a free newspaper that doesn’t have to create stories by twisting facts, they make their money off advertisements. ANYWAY, they had picture with the Crazy Frog and text that said “SMS to this number and pay $4 for an annoying ringtune and support a millionaire”, and right next to it a picture of an orphan pakistani child with the text “or SMS to this number and donate the money”. I think that really hit home cause it was so in your face. And if I wasn’t donating money to Unicef, Amnesty, Greenpeace and the Red Cross as well as donating blood – I’d feel guilty.

Travel diaries

And today I found out what people that don’t have a site like this do when travelling and want an online diary – Didn’t know that place existed until a cyber-friend of mine went downunder to australia and started a diary there. I’m gonna go there someday too, I just suck at saving up for something like that.


Now I’m just pure lazy! I was reminded I even have this place today when I bumped into one of the managers of the projects that had me travelling the globe. And it made me feel all kinds of happy so I went through my logs and updates during that time and it’s so funny reading it now 2 years later 🙂 I think I should make some kind of special section on this site (or even design a new one) for all that stuff. I actually wish Blizzard would have some kind of melt down at their datacenters so I could get my ass out of the cyberworld and do stuff!