10 years ago today that I got that horrible phonecall. 10 years ago today that my friend died in his flat. On the one hand it seems like ages ago considering all I’ve done since then (travelled the world, got married, had a son, built a house, changed jobs twice). But on the other hand it feels like yesterday – sitting in his flat enjoying some DVD’s or the latest episode of “Enterprise”. And the memories from arranging his (kick ass!) funeral.

On the upside I learned alot of things from him and I learned to appreciate life more than I did before because all of a sudden it could be over. And I got to know Ricki whom I’m still great friends with, so atleast something positive about that. But I still miss him and find myself thinking “if that hadn’t happen where would he be today and would my life have turned out this way?”.. I know, it’s irrelevat since it did happen, but still..
Going to Skogskyrkogården today with Eva and Ricki and Markus to pay our respects.
“To absent friend!”

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