I’m not content changing jobs, I have to change car too!!

No seriously, what happened was that me and H (neither of which are very handy with cars) are just fed up with worrying about the car, if something’s gonna break, and most importantly what it’s going to cost us. And the annual road worthiness test is always something you worry about what they are gonna find and what that’s going to cost.

So we looked for options.. buying a new car? Sure that was a possibility but after 3 or so years we were back to worrying about something breaking and all those stuff. Sure we could buy a new car and sell it after 3 years and buy a new car again, but our limited experience selling cars isn’t anything positive at all.

So thankfully for us Volkswagen had a drive this august for consumer leasing a pretty spacious brand new Polo for only $300 per month for 36 months. “Are you mad, paying $300 per month for three years and you won’t even own the car or anything!?” – yeah sure, that may seem like an idiotic thing to do. But the way we see it is we don’t pay for the car itself or anything that can be measured physically. We’re paying for not having to worry about having car problems for 3 years. For 3 years we have the knowledge that no matter what happens with the car we’re not gonna pay for it. Either the insurance, warranty or service-deal will take care of any and all costs… that’s the theory anyway. I’m kinda skeptical so we’ll wait ’till after the first breakdown to say if it works in the real world.

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