You may remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that I there was something big going on. Well now it’s done. I have officially quit my job. Not before securing a new one ofcourse!

After I had been on parental leave for 8 months and came to work I started getting more and more frustrated over some issues at work and after coming home day after day being pissed off and bitter about things my wife told me to take the bull by the horn and if it wasn’t gonna get better I should try to find another job. And after landing an interview with a bank I informed my boss about my intentions and he kinda felt it coming and wished me luck. I didn’t get that first job but I got another interview and they liked me and I liked them and then it took some time for the paperwork because of all vacations but now the paperwork has gone through so from november 1st I’ll be working at Carema in Sundbyberg, which is alot close to home too. And it is a promotion of sorts since I’ll no longer be on first- or even second-line helpdesk so all is good.

And as I went to bed last night I realised that this is the first time I’ve ever quit a job! 🙂

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