Hate To Ruin The Christmas Spirit…

Yesterday I was flipping through our channels and actually stopped on National Geographic. They were showing a 2 hours documentary called “Six Degrees Could Change The World“. And it’s just what it sounds like – a documentary with scientists and sociologists going through what would happend if the earth got one, two, three, four, five or god forbid six degrees hotter. The conclusions were not pretty. At two degrees it’d start spiraling away beyond what we could control and at 6 it’d be game over. And when it was produced we were at 0.8. And at the same time all the world leaders can’t unite in Copenhagen (which in itself is a huge CO2 fest flying in all the people all over the world)! And this morning in Metro they said behind each kilo of ham on the dinner table at christmas is atleast 10 kilos of CO2.

If that doesn’t kill the christmas spirit I dunno what does!

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