Everything Is Good. A Bit Too Good!

One of the things I had fixed for Helena’s birthday was to prepare a romantic weekend at Villa Fridhem in Norrköping for us in December so we could just get away and enjoy ourselves. And my family chipped in and set her up with a massage at the spa!

So on saturday we were off. After driving for two hours we checked in and the champagne was on ice! Ofcourse it was alcohol-free but that didn’t matter, the chocolate and strawberries still made it perfect! Then we had our first disappointment – the afternoon tea. It was just 3 cakes and one was just finished so we had two cakes and neither of them was any good. No cookies, nothing. Ok, we didn’t pay any extra for it but we were spoilt rotten the last time we did this in Söderfors Herrgård! After that we walked around abit and the feeling that hit me was “if I was in charge of this place I really would fix these million small things that they are missing”. Like when a horse pooped right in front of the entrance, took them hours to clean up!

Anyway, after that it was time for Helena’s massage – and it was good and went on for over an hour! Meantime I was enjoying myself in the swimmingpool with a cold beer! And as I was floating around I had one of those perfect moments when everything is good, no worries, no problems, nothing, cause everything is good! It sured helped that the day before we had gotten all of the assurances in the world that our baby was ok, and that one week before we had frozen two of our three mortgages for the house for 2 years and making sure that interest wouldn’t run away, and everything else was just good!

After that we had a shower and was off to the typical swedish “Julbord” (a buffet of traditional christmas-type food). And I kept eating and eating and at around 9 pm we were both so stuffed that we couldn’t do more than go to our rooms and watch some TV and talk and then go to sleep! It was ridiculous really. And we woke up the next morning still feeling pretty full but then it was time for breakfast which was pretty good but again, small things they should’ve changed to make it better. Like the waffles, took 10 minutes to cook a waffle!

After that we walked around a bit, took another dip in the pool and then we were off going back home. And then we stopped by the christmas market in stockholm city and bought some candy and sausages.

All in all a kick ass weekend! But I can’t help to shake the feeling that life is going a bit too good right now… just praying nothing kicks me down to reality!

And if you want photos they are located here in my new gallery.

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