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You’re the administrator of an Office 365 tenant and/or on-prem Exchange and Active Directory and you need to make bulk changes to a group of people and you have a list with UPNs ready to use.

There really is no problem but it may be very repetetive tasks.

This script will read the file “C:\temp\list_of_upns.txt“, which is just a list of UPN’s, and iterate through them making the change you want. Since I make alot of the same changes to different users depending on what I need. I simply un-comment by removing the “#” for whatever I need to script to change on the user. And remember to put the “#” back in to comment if you want it to do something else or you may end up doing unwanted things on the objects (like converting a bunch of on-prem mailboxes to Room mailboxes, true story!)

# Written by : Kristoffer Strom ([email protected])
# Date: 2017-02-20
#Starting the loop
ForEach ($user in $(Get-Content C:\temp\list_of_upns.txt ))
write-host $user
#Set-Mailbox $user -Type shared
#$userdn = get-aduser  -Filter{UserPrincipalName -eq $user} -properties DistinguishedName
#$DN = Get-ADUser -Filter { UserPrincipalName -Eq $user }
#set-aduser $DN -Replace @{extensionAttribute1 = "REPLACEMENTTEXT"}
#set-aduser $DN -clear extensionAttribute1, extensionAttribute1, AdminDisplayname, AdminDescription
#remove-adgroupmember -Identity "ADGROUP" -Member $DN
#Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName $user -RemoveLicenses "XXXXXXXXXX:ENTERPRISEPACK"
#Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName $user -RemoveLicenses "XXXXXXXXXX:POWER_BI_STANDARD"
Download PS1 from Dropbox

Download PS1 from Dropbox

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