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You’re the administrator of Office 365 and you want to programmatically extract information about what serviceplans (features) a specific user has access to and which he or she doesn’t have access to.

Microsoft’s way of storing the information regarding licenses and features/plans isn’t quite logical sometimes for unitiated people so this might sound like a very complicated thing to do with Powershell and you’re left to do it through the portal instead.

This little snippet of code will help you. You can add exporting features to it if you want, or input a user.txt file, but this is the stuff that displays the information. But if you want to get a complete dump of all information for all users, you should use this script instead which does that magic alot better.

# Written by : Kristoffer Strom ([email protected])
# Date: 2017-02-20
# Here we define what user we're querying:
$upn = "[INSERT UPN HERE]"
# Here we set the index to 0
$i = 0
# Run the query to get user info
$user = get-msoluser -userprincipalname $upn
# Store the license array
$features = $user.licenses
# Just an empty row
write-host ""
# Running the loop to show info on all licenses
while($i -lt $features.count)
    $AccountSkuId = $features[$i].AccountSkuId
    Write-host -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Cyan "Features for $AccountSkuId"
    $features[$i].servicestatus | ft
Download PS1 from Dropbox

Download PS1 from Dropbox

UPDATE: Apparently the new Powershell moduled for MSOL handled this differently so the output became quite different. Rather than type out one plan at a time it bunched them together so there was no way of seeing which feature belonged to which plan. So I re-wrote this with a “while” loop and “format table” command to force it to seperate the output. (seriously, remove the “ | ft” part and see what that does to this snippet!)

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