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You’re the administrator of a large tenant with several different e-mail domains for people in different countries. Manually setting a UsageLocation, which is required for license activation, for them all individually is unrealistic.

The problem here is we need some way of filtering out who is actually where. The perfect solution is ofcourse to have the AD property (“msExchUsageLocation”) since Azure AD Connect syncs it out of the box. But not everyone has that luxury, especially if it’s a domain you’re not even in charge of. And the get-msoluser cmdlet with -domain filter will not only catch the ones that have the domain as their primary e-mail, but also the ones that have it as secondary so as a filter it won’t work.

In comes this little bit of code! It loads all users, filters out everyone that has a license and everyone that doesn’t have a UPN matching the domain (in this example “” and for the rest sets the UsageLocation to whatever you want, in this example “SE“. This way, we only get the ones that don’t have a license yet and only the ones with this specific domain as their primary e-mail (which should match UPN). So if your company’s name is “test” and everyone has a “” address as a secondary, but the Swedish employees have “” as their primary you can easily set their usagelocations like this. And then just change it around for the rest of the company.

# Written by : Kristoffer Strom ([email protected])
# Date: 2017-02-10
# Credit to Reditor bearxor (
# We check all users for users with no UsageLocation set and matches a e-mail domain ( and sets the UsageLocation SE (=Sweden)
Get-MsolUser -All | where{$_.UsageLocation -eq $null -and $_.userprincipalname -like "*"} | foreach{set-msoluser -UserPrincipalName $_.UserPrincipalName -UsageLocation "SE"}
Download PS1 from Dropbox

Download PS1 from Dropbox

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