A debate that’s been going on here in sweden (and in our company!) recently has been about the use of cellular phones. The debate has mostly been about corporate financed phones, and how they should be taxed since almost everyone uses it for private things as well. That’s not what’s bothering me. What’s bothering me is how annoying people can be when they are talking in their cell-phone. Not to the person they’re talking to, but to everyone else around! I use my cell-phone for “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”-calls. I rarely talk in it for more than 1 minute. But when people are sitting on the train, in a restaurant or something and they start talking in their cell phone and keep talking for 10-15 minutes, as if it was a regular phone call I get annoyed. And they also raise their VOICE WHEN THERE’S A BAD RECEPTION!, I hate that. And it’s impossible to try and filter them out, you inevitably wind up listening to the (usually idiodic) conversation.
So please people, save those conversations for when you’re in a more private environment, ’cause the rest of us don’t wanna hear your shoppinglists!!

Btw, if anyone tries calling me in the next few days, I’ll probably not answer. I got the Star Trek – Next Generation first season DVD box, 25 episodes to watch and an entire weekend to do it in. Now if I could just get a little pink poodle on a keychain, everything would be perfect.

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