Can It Be? Am I Growing Up?

So now I know different foundations to houses. I know about isolation, mortgages, wall-building, roofs, leaks, heating your house and all those other completely irrelevant small things that I one year ago didn’t give a crap about!

One year ago I was living completely happy in my 2 room apartment in Visättra, without a thought in my head about moving anywhere. I’d lived there for 9 years, 9 good years and didn’t see any real reason to move, it’s just a huge hassle. I couldn’t care less about concrete foundations or not.

And here I am. After just one year, one awesome year, I have moved to the complete opposite side of the city, gotten pretty comfortable but now we’re bidding 2.2 million swedish crowns on a house. I have no idea how to maintain a house, all the stuff you need to do with regular intervalls. I’m counting on losing ALOT! of sleep over mortgage rates and leaky roof than I ever did about things I used to lose sleep over…

Damn… I think I just may be growing up now…


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