Yesterday I saw a movie that got me.. emotional. In many ways. It was called “Sharkwater” (IMDB link) and was a documentary about sharks, but not in the average way. It began by dismissing all myths about sharks being evil and human-eating killing machines and did a pretty good job of that. Then it went on about the food chain in the ocean and spent a large portion of the movie dealing with illegal shark fishing for the fins going to the asian market. It got me pretty damn pissed off seeing it. I’m not the most environmentally friendly person and even though I make a few contributions to Greenpeace but I’m not that into it. But I still got pissed at it. If we won’t stop simply for the humanitarian reason of dismembering sharks and throwing them back into the ocean then do it for the very environmental reason of them being so vital for the oxygen production in the oceans! Never knew this was such a big thing and I really don’t know if I should take everything in this movie at face value but it still got me going.

But it was all done with some incredible underwater footage that was just awesome!! Go see it!!

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