Seems I’ve lost another friend, but not in the dramatic way I lost Eden. My “brother” Jocke (I grew up without a brother, so he’s “the brother I never had”) mistook creative criticism for something else. The story is that for the past months I’ve peaked him about how lazy he is. Not lazy in a “don’t even wanna get out of bed”-way like me, but lazy as in “why bother learning new stuff when I can get someone else to do it”. Latest example would be Warcraft III. I got a cracked, ripped and beaten up hacker version that took some work to get working. He got the same stuff I had but he couldn’t be bothered setting it up himself, so he asked me to fix it for him. On a short term basis that principal works, getting someone else who’s already done it to do it for you is quicker and less painful. But what do you get out of it? You’re not any wiser or anything. So I’ve tried peaking him about the principal of Do It Yourself. If there’s one thing I got going for me professional-wise it’s my creativity and resourcefulness – if I hit a brick wall I do everything I can, time permitting, to solve it myself. During all the times I’ve had to solve problems I’ve learnt something new, maybe not relevant to that specific problem, but I always learn something. So I think it’s a really good thing to try and fix and solve problems yourself. But sometimes I do take a shortcut and ask someone if I’m not in the mood for surfing the web for problems I don’t really want to have. So after trying to tell him this he basically told me to fuck off. Should I have been a bit more tolerant when he asked me again to download new Mutant-X episodes for him, while looking for 13 Ghosts DVD-RIP for him and in the meantime playing Warcraft III (which I don’t even like) with him after I had driven over 80 km just to give him a ride beause he couldn’t be bothered to take the bus. Maybe…. (incidentally – this happened less than 5 days after I got his own ADSL internet connection working)

Anyway, bought myself a new DVD player yesterday, a Pioneer DVD-545. So now I can squeeze 4.7 GB (80 hours!) of MP3 onto a DVD-RW and let it rip. But somehow it didn’t make me feel the least bit better under the circumstances.

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