Do you know what I think is way underestimated? Humor and comedy in the porno industry! I was flipping through channels yesterday and wound up on channel “Canal + Yellow” where they were showing the porno version of Matrix, called “Trixxx”. That’s humor right there, their titles! “Old McDonald Shags His Farm”, “Austin Prowler”, “Analyze These” and the best one – “Saving Ryan’s Privates”. Some of the… “actors” names are equaly hilarious, “Michael J. Cox!” 🙂 Then of course there’s the dialogue and story. And if you’re still not laughing, look at one in fast-forward and tell me it’s not funny!
(and don’t go all high and mighty on me saying you’ve never seen one!)
Anyway, off to my parent’s again for the easter weekend. Great food, great company and an F1 race. Have a great weekend everyone!

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