Here are some pictures from the most beautiful, but also the worst, funeral I’ve ever been too:
Pic # 1 : Picture with everything in it. (including my stereo 🙁 )
Pic # 2 : Picture with everything in it. (including Eva 🙂 )
Pic # 3 : Close up of two of the most frequent Eden attires – his hat and custom made jacket.
Pic # 4 : Close up of a “Galaxy-class” model. That was his alias on the web, Galaxy-class
Pic # 5 : Close up of the Spock action figure I mentioned in the eulogy.
Pic # 6 : Picture fromt the side.
Pic # 7 : Picture from the reversed side post-service.
Pic # 8 : I don’t know if this is something pilots do every day over this cemetary (the biggest one I’ve ever seen) or if it was specially ordered today, but it was a nice touch.

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