Change tyres

Another tradition around this time is to change your tyres to handle the snow & ice. It’s a real hassle to do it and takes over an hour and I always end up with some muscle I haven’t used in a while aching for days after. And it’s cold, and boring. So yesterday I set a few hours aside to do this, put on shitty clothes, grabbed a beer and went to work. And on the second bolt of the first tyre I had to give up because I broke the damn tyre iron (or whatever it’s called in english, you know that steel cross thing you take off the bolts with). I don’t know who put that bolt on but it wasn’t coming off – at all. So I admitted defeat (even though it was the tools that broke, not me!) and put the first bolt back on…

… and drove 400 meter to the car mechanics and had them do it in 15 minutes for $20…

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