Who wasn’t thinking!?

And just when I started to cheer up our communiting service is there to slap me back down. You know, the assholes that don’t demand stuff like “must be able to cope with swedish winter!” when they buy new stuff. Now they bought new trains for us commuters and today was the first day I got to ride one. And they Suck. Basically you get the feeling that the ones ordering it never really use them because then they might have cared about more seats instead of more space for the people that have to stand up. And the ones that do have to stand were severly lacking bars to hold onto when the train twists as much as it is now with all re-construction going on there. I wanna go back to taking the car to work instead. It wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t environment friendly but atleast you were comfortable.

But this will cheer up your day.

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