Copy protection My Ass!

Now I’m pissed off! Since I’ve started playing WoW I’ve been living in my little bubble almost oblivious to the real world. So I had no idea the new Moby album had come out in sweden but when I walked passed the CD store and saw it I just got all excited, bought it and almost ran to work to play it. And what happens? To make it more difficult for the MP3 coders out there to steal the tracks they’ve made it so copyprotected that I can’t play it on my computer! So here I am with a perfectly legal copy of a CD but still I have to download the MP3s from the internet so I can listen to it. This just pisses me! And it doesn’t help knowing that some of the $24 (!!) I paid for this CD goes to creating anti-copying software that results in this crap. Damnit! If it wasn’t a Moby-fan I’d ask for my money back!

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