Swecon 2004

Now I actually have an excuse for not doing shit here on the site! For the past week I’ve done stuff perparing for the Swecon 2004 – the first swedish Star Trek convention with the first official Star Trek visit. Tim Russ, the guy who plays Tuvok on “Voyager” is in town for the convention which, to Star Trek in Sweden, is HUGE! And what do I do? Except for miscellanous stuff that I always do for Stockholm Trekkers I have been given the title “The Offical Driver of Swecon 2004”. So yeap, I picked the guy, his girlfriend and her parents up at the airport and I’m driving him to and from the hotel, which is actually fun and a good chance to just chat about non-Star Trek stuff. And today I had to do something that was actually something alot of people think I can pull off easily – bodyguard duty. When we were going from the hotel, 4 hours after he’d been on an national radio show promoting it, he had some fans down in the lobby at the hotel so I had to muscle up a bit. Never thought I’d be the bastard that pushes people away that just wants an autograph but the dude made it really clear he didn’t want to be bothered when he wasn’t at the convention so if any of those people are reading this – sorry!

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