Saw “The Core” the other day. I actually didn’t think a movie could disregard real physics more than “Armageddon” did. But “The Core” did. Pretty damn obvious who was gonna die, sometimes even how! I particularly liked the “404 access denied” error. (404 is actually “not found”)
Also saw “Identity”. Very, very good movie. Although you it shouldn’t be sold as a “who did it” story.
Then I also saw “Down With Love”, that 60’s type movie with Renee Z. (not even gonna try with her last name) and McEwan (how many got that joke?) about the battle of the sexes. And it was one of the most booring filmes I’ve ever seen. Had it not been for Niles Crane it would have tried to reclaim the 2 hours I lost watching it. And then there was Jeri Ryan. For about 2 minutes.
Finished it off with “Lost Summer”, that “Project Greenlight” movie with the guy that got his dream movie made. And it was slightly less boring than “Down With Love”, but only because of Aidan Quinn and Kevin Pollak. Both of them are cool and good in just about anything they do.

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