Two more movie reviews : 1) “Office Space”. Don’t know what’s up with me and office-humor, but I just love it! And this movie’s point of “it’s only a job” and “what tha hell” is just so wonderful. And the gangsta-anti-fax-machine scene is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen. I just wish someone could hypnotize me and take away that little blocking mechanism I have that stops me from just going into a place and ask a girl out like Peter does 🙂 And 2) “Daredevil”. I bought this movie for three reasons : a) Kevin Smith b) Jennifer Garner and c) “Bring Me To Life”. Well, Kevin is in for about 1 minute, you know what happens to Elektra, right? And the “Bring Me To Life” video wasn’t in DD 5.1! So I should be disappointed. But I’m not. Simply because of the two scenes with Jennifer Garner in the rain. And I’m not talking wet t-shirt alá “Spiderman” here (although that wasn’t bad either), I’m talking about the visual effect and the Matt Murdock POV. That was just beautiful! Worth the money just for those two scenes!

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